Ongoing Projects

Improving e-learning strategies through the generation of peer dialogue

Using social media, we are able to increase effective peer-to-peer dialogue in e-learning environments. Key components of this project include a startup initiative as well as a qualitative research project. 

Kirkwood Interactive Camps for Kids (KICK)

We are instructing two weather camps for kids at Kirkwood Community College this summer! Activities include 4 days of hands on problem solving and weather exploration, including weather data collection, analysis, and climate modeling. 

AMS Datastreme Project Atmosphere

We are leading a team for The Datastreme Project beginning in Fall of 2018. The Datastreme Project's goal is to enhance public understanding of weather and climate through the professional development of teachers. If you are a K-12 teacher looking to earn PD credit, visit the Datastreme website or contact us for more information. 

Teaching how to run WRF in an online environment

A collaboration between and Oxford University. Collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data from online courses designed to teach scientists and decision makers how to run WRF. Please visit for more information on this project as well as a list of courses currently being offered. Additional courses are currently in development and short tutorials are provided on our community blog here