Teaching Resources

Through research and outreach activities, Yarker Consulting occasionally develops activities and lesson plans about climate and weather. Wherever possible, we make these activities freely available. If you are looking for something specific, please feel free to contact us.


Activities from Yarker Consulting

Evaluating Long-Range Data (includes a great activity to discuss the difference between weather and climate)

How Climate Models are Useful (even when they aren’t perfect!)

Modeling the Greenhouse Effect (with paper and markers)

Lab Activity- The Greenhouse Effect (Note: this activity can be very helpful when done in conjunction with the previous activity, because they inform each other very well)

Cloud in a bottle (problem solving activity)


Extra Resources

50 years of temperature data for Phoenix, AZ (Data from the NOAA Archives)

100 years of temperature data for Marshalltown, IA (Data from the NOAA Archives)

Climate model graphs: Nature vs Human (from the IPCC report, 2007)


Other Great Resources

Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN)

COMET’s MetEd Online Modules

UCAR’s Resources for Students

Digital Library for Earth Science Education

The GLOBE Program

UCAR Center for Science Education



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